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A Society where people are capable enough to take their own decisions and lead their life with dignity.


To enable marginalized community to improve their quality of life in a right based manner. Towards this end, AJKA would act as an enabling institution, to educate and empower the marginalised community on their rights, ensure quality education for the children, awareness generation on health & environment, train them in entrepreneurial skills and encourage them to find sustainable livelihood by capacity building of the people in a participatory manner and advocacy.


  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Human value

  • Collective Cooperation

  • Humility, equality, peace, justice and respect for all communities and cultures

  • Mutual trust and respect

  • Solidarity with the most vulnerable


  • Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Minorities .

  • Rural women, children, adolescent groups and vulnerable youths.

  • Landless Labours, small and marginal farmers. women farmers, slum dwellers and migrant families  under distress condition.

  • Other economically backward communities and socially excluded groups.

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