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Sustainable Livelihood, Food and nutrition security:

Over the years, AJKA has implemented various programmatic and development projects and programs with the active participation of the local government, beneficiaries, CBOs, grass root government structure-PRIs, block and district administrations as significant partners. All projects and programs were implemented for livelihood development, food and nutrition security integrating the flowing activities   

  • Formation of  Women Farmer’s Producer Organizations (FPOs)

  • Formation of Farmer Clubs

  • Watershed Development

  • Land and Agriculture Development

  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

  •  Natural Resource Management

  • Forest & Environment Protection

  • Addressing issues related to Climate Change

  • Addressing issues related to Migrants under Distress Condition

  • Financial Inclusion & Social Security

  • Enabling Portability of Entitlements/Access to Suitable Social Security Mechanism

  • Skill Training Initiative:

 Economic Empowerment of Women, Gender Equity and Gender Mainstreaming:

Economic empowerment of women is one of the core activities of the organization. Substantial numbers of poorer households are outside of the SHG fold. Many SHGs among Tribal communities have difficulty in accessing resources because they lack voice, confidence, basic administrative skills and capacity and capability in negotiating with, and accessing support from rural banks, resource and marketing agencies. Hence, AJKA gives more importance on economic empowerment of rural poor women.

Women self help groups have been taken as the base for all interventions and livelihood activities enabling them to contribute towards mainstream development process. SHG formation and capacity building is one of the core activities of AJKA. Raising savings increases the sense of ownership and also helps the member and the group leverage greater external finance and linkage with different govt. program and project.  AJKA provides guidance to the SHGs for accessing bank loans. Time to time training programs were conducted throughout the year for members from each of the SHGs. This helped them to understand the process of applying for financial linkages and start up micro-enterprises.

AJKA has taken care to include gender dynamics in various aspects of its works since beginning of the organization. In the process, women and adolescents girls are promoted and proactively motivated to participate in all the programs and activities ensuring gender Equity and Gender Mainstreaming. . It has been a part of the strategy to promote adolescents to take part in meetings at the village level as well as encourage them to attend the meetings at the block or district levels. Appropriate awareness programs are organized on gender issues and made them aware to fight against gender disparity.

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