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Alternative Education, Child Protection and Child Rights:

A model of remedial teaching program designed to teach the secondary students with moral life skill education through community participation, students and parents counseling. The remedial teaching program is named Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana supported by Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Jharsuguda. Anchalik Jana Kalyan Anusthan has been successfully implementing this program since 2009. Under this program remedial teaching in three major subjects-English, Mathematics and Science is pursuing to the students of secondary level in ten different villages in the periphery of Vedanta Aluminum Limited, Jharsuguda. The program has resulted from 18 % to 99% pass out during the years of implementation.


Importantly, AJKA gives top priority for Child Protection and Child Rights. Efforts have been taken in safeguarding the interests of primary, lower secondary and school dropout children, identification of the vulnerable children through capacity building on life skills so as to help them and sustain their education.  A series of village level awareness raising programs have been organized among parents, children and teachers considering the importance of children’s quality education as well as their morality. Our approach is to reduce poverty by identifying effective approaches for assuring increased access to quality and basic education for poor children’s development. Apart from this, we have also been giving them training on the necessity of maintaining of hand washing, safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation at their respective schools.

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